Girls Spring Break Backpacking

An amazing time at Eagle Creek and Tunnel Falls! I love backpacking

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A great day at Boca Cave

This gallery contains 2 photos.

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6 Items That Never Leave My Backpack…

Another great post about the essentials to always have with you. I add vet wrap and a headlamp to my list.

Girly Camping®

Camping E Card

My Essentials

Today we decided to go camping this weekend- yay! The bad thing? We decided this morning and I still have to work today, get off at 5:00, drive 30 minutes, pack quickly, and leave by a reasonable time to avoid traffic but still drive 2 1/2 hours. So, the one thing going for me is my packing is almost done- and I haven’t even started! Here are 6 items I never take out to make my packing easier!

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Safety Tips for the Outdoors

Great tips!!

Girly Camping®

Safety Tips for the Outdoors

Whether you’re going for a day hike or a 2 week backpacking trip, you always need to stay safe and use your best judgment. Here are 8 safety tips for the outdoors:

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A Little Puppy Fun on a Friday….

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I do. Thank you to the guest stars, NutMeg and Cinnamon!

Happy Friday! 

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Grasshopper Trail & Chucksney Mountain

Saturdays hiking adventure was just NutMeg, BoBo and myself. We started the day at Box Canyon campground with the intent to hike the Chucksney Mountain loop, 10.6 miles. The trail was quiet, no one I mean no one was out there. No recent tracks or anything, just me the dogs and the wild animals. After about 1.5 miles the trail became very thick in thimbleberries and it reminded me of the trip that Skip and I took a few years ago at Rebel Creek(click here to see pic from that hike, it was gorgeous)  that totally kicked my butt and we saw tons of signs of bear tracks. So, I’ll admit it my fears got the best of me and I thought I might get mauled by a bear. Yes, we turned around and headed back to the truck. The downhill trek was uneventful but the dogs and I took some fun pictures.

Hiking Flowers 2014-06-28 11.23.01-1 2014-06-28 11.22.52-1

the moment I turned around and went down the mountain

the moment I turned around and went down the mountain




























The next day I convinced Skip and Colton to come with me as my security crew. We started at the opposite end of Grasshopper Trail on Hiyu Ridge for a 8 mile hike. Not a lot of great views but it was fun. I’m glad they were with me, the trail was covered in lots of fresh bear poo. I knew I wasn’t being totally irrational the day before!

Grasshopper Trail via Hiyu Ridge 2014-06-29 13.06.56-1 2014-06-29 13.41.17

View of the Three Sisters from the top of the ridge

View of the Three Sisters from the top of the ridge

Of course a selfie of me :)

Of course a selfie of me 🙂



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Support Others. Fight Cancer. – An Inspirational Post from a Friend

Random Acts of Human Kindness

That’s what todays post is all about. Last night I was reading through my Facebook feed and came along such an amazing inspirational post from Eddie Merrifield. Eddie has shared some moments of tragedy and loss over the last few years, I’ve watched his posts and have felt empathy for him, losing a loved one is never easy. Yet, with each and every post shared  about a loss he always found a way to turn that sadness into something positive whether it was an happy memory of a loved one or a lesson learned. Turning negative experience into something positive is a real knack that Eddie has and I admire him for that. Yesterday’s post was no different and I feel compelled to share this with you in hope that you will take part in Eddie’s effort to make a difference in someone else’s life.   random acts of kindness

 Take a moment, read his post, share it with your friends, contribute if you can, be inspired and support random acts of kindness everywhere!

Post from Eddie Merrifield on YouCaring.

It was December 28th 2010, when my Dad called me. I knew something was wrong when he told me to pull over so we could talk. He then told me that the doctors had found a spot on his lung. I rushed home, and looked up everything I could read on lung cancer. By mid-February, we knew that the cancer had metastasized and he was at Stage 4.

Though I’m an emotional person, I am also very analytical. Whether I wanted to give up hope or not, I knew the odds were very slim that my Dad, my hero, would be around much longer.

Over 2011, I had trouble sleeping and hit the energy drinks a lot to keep my energy level high enough to work. Grandma passed away in June. My niece, Cassie-Jo, passed away in August….and mercifully, the cancer finally took Dad in December.  Basically, 2011 SUCKED!

During those 11 months, my blood pressure soared. I knew it was stress and the things swirling around me. I figured it would go away. It hasn’t.

So, to my way of thinking, this High Blood Pressure is the last symptom of my Dad’s cancer that we’re fighting. I really don’t want to do meds, but I will if it doesn’t get down.

So, I started training for the Rock & Roll Half Marathon. In two weeks, that training will come to a conclusion, and it will be decision time for me….am I healthy, or do I go on the meds?

I’ve decided to make my training and running the Rock & Roll Half Marathon into a fundraiser to fight cancer in some form.  Alone, my ability to make a difference is minimal. But, with the help of my friends, maybe I can make a difference to the families below.

In the words of Jimmy Valvano: “Cancer can take away all my physical abilities. It cannot touch my mind, it cannot touch my heart and it cannot touch my soul. And those three things are going to carry on forever.”

Lincoln Jones is a 5-year-old little guy with a big smile who has been fighting Leukemia since 2011.  He is closing in on the last 7 months of his treatments.

Aaron Deeney is a 17-year-old high school student who has been battling cancer for the last year.  He’s an aspiring musician who has just started playing again as he goes through his treatments.

To help Eddie help others fight cancer Click Here!

Thanks for reading, sharing and supporting!


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