DietBet with Me – Let’s keep the pounds off this holiday season.

As I grew up and into my 20’s and early 30’s I always heard everyone say how hard it is to keep the pounds off as you get older. Well… I never believed them until these past 2 years.  HOLY COW! The pounds sure have packed on. Yep, I will say it, I’m much much heavier than I am okay with. I either hide it well or my friends like to lie to me, because trust me I wasn’t this heavy when I was pregnant with Colton. So, I’m taking a stand or at least trying to be proactive for the holiday season.  Goal

Today I started the Dr. Oz 3 day detox and cleanse. I’m not hopeful but I will try it. The first shake did not taste so great (insert pukey sound here).  I also just started a DietBet challenge and invite all of you to join me. DietBet is a fun way to lose weight and be social with your friends.  I was first introduced to it last summer and was successful. Join DietBet with me and stay in those skinny jeans.

Click Here to Join 

Have Fun! Lose Weight

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