About Me

Hi I’m Kristine and I am humbled that you took the time to stop on my blog page and read a post.

A little about me…I’m a mom to 2 beautiful kids and I have the cutest beagle in the world. Nutmeg, the beagle, gets ice cream for treats. Yes, she is one spoiled dog!

Nutmeg – the amazing beagle

This blog is about inspiration and motivation about life.  During the week I am an inbound marketer and love everything about amazing content and collaboration. I also love planning events, not just a regular party but big multi-day events.

On the weekends I am an outdoor enthusiast that aspires to hike the Oregon section of the Pacific Crest Trail in the next 2 years. Then the big one, the entire PCT a few years after that. I love to take my kids hiking and showing them all the natural wonders of Oregon.

Leave a comment, lets start a conversation!

On the way back down the trail to the car.

On the way back down the trail to the car.

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