Passion! It’s Empowerment!

Okay, I will admit it. I watch Shark Tank on Friday nights.  Last week David Cox was pitching online training classes for users 50 year old and up. He had very few sales, had no way to define how he would reach his target market and didn’t know the difference between bundling and add-on sales. It was rather funny and sad all at once to listen to the sharks rip him apart over that one. The sharks asked him how he came to his business valuation and how he would succeed,  his answer was “What it comes down to is passion.” Well it then got ugly. The sharks let him know that all entrepreneurs have passion, thats not enough.

Passion is the foundation for all success, but its not enough. Passion has to have a family to back it up.

Components of a passion family:

  1. Grandma Blueprint- you can’t succeed if you don’t have a plan for the future
  2. Grandpa History- you have to analyze your market to succeed. Look at the past, whats are the trends?
  3. Momma Action – Do something,  move forward. Its not enough to say “I’m going to do something” You have do do it! Momma moves it forward.
  4. Daddy Tester – you have to try multiple approaches to find out what works best. A/B testing. A marketers best friend.
  5. Sister Wild Child- someone has to step out of the box and try something different. Don’t be different just to say you were different. Be different with purpose.
  6. Brother Boring – Someone has to keep the wild child in check. Don’t push too far forward without stopping to look at the results to determine next steps.

Success has many components and passion for what you believe in isn’t enough anymore.

Passion needs a family but don’t discount the power of passion. Passion is EMPOWERMENT! Passion is the foundation of SUCCESS!

Empower yourself with a passionate approach to everything you do in life. Passion with a puprose brings value, brings success and brings results and rewards.

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2 Responses to Passion! It’s Empowerment!

  1. Krista Kotrla says:

    I’m right there with you, Kristine… I LOVE Shark Tank too!!

    That poor guy got ripped up. It was a tough lesson but an important one. Glad we can all learn from his example 🙂

    Very clever breakdown for the “components of a passion family”. So very appropriate that it is “Momma Action”! Love it.

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